The Rules of MARP

Welcome to the MARP Rules Page. (Reglas en Espanol)

This page was last updated 9 March 2017.

1. MARP is a self-regulating community. It is expected that all players will behave honorably as a part of this community, contributing not only to the leaderboard but to the discussions regarding the community as well. Everyone has a say at MARP, whether you're 1st on the leaderboard or 101st, and whether you've been at MARP for four years or for forty seconds. Therefore:

2. If MAME's goal, as Nicola Salmoria has stated, is to emulate the arcade game as closely as possible, then MARP's goal is to emulate the experience of "watching a virtual master play an arcade game", true to the arcade experience, as closely as possible. This has led to the following rules:

3. Playback in a specified version of MAME is required to prove your scores. Detailed instructions about recording and playing back .inp files can be found here. It is therefore a player's responsibility to double-check their recordings to ensure that they playback properly. Recordings which do not play back under the version of MAME that you specified are subject to score-zeroing, modification, or deletion. If an editor changes your "claimed" score because the recording plays back to a different score, it will be indicated in the comments for that recording.

4. Submitting just one recording gives you several rights as a member.Click here for more details on those procedures.

5. After a certain period of activity, you can vote in elections that take place every December, or even become a coordinator or editor yourself.Click here for more details about the positions and who/how to vote in a general election.

6. And most importantly, have fun. This site is free, and has been conceived of and run by one of the greatest web gurus around. Feel free to e-mail Zwaxy and tell him what a great job he's done. If you have questions about the rules or the rules page, and don't want to post to the message board, try contacting Pat Laffaye

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