Banned Games

Welcome to the MARP Banned Games Page.

This page was last updated May 1, 2001.

Please read these two lists before submitting to MARP. The names and categories of all banned games at MARP are listed below, as well as those games which are currently in grey areas. Scores submitted for banned games will be automatically deleted by the editors. If you feel a game should be removed from this list for some reason (particularly games which are no longer broken), please e-mail Pat Laffaye before uploading.

Game Ban Reason  
alexkidd (broken)  
breakers (does not playback)  
breakrev (does not playback)  
cabal (broken)  
cabal2 (broken)  
carnvckt (does not playback)  
darkplnt (broken)  
fastlane (broken)  
flipshot (does not playback)  
headon2 (does not playback)  
heiankyo (does not playback)  
jumping (broken)  
lastbld2 (does not playback)  
mach3 (broken)  
mermaid (broken)  
rainbowe (broken)  
The following games have been archived, and hence are also banned:    
blockade (too easy)  
bowler (improper control advantage)  
bowlrama (improper control advantage)  
capbowl (improper control advantage)  
capbowl2 (improper control advantage)  
clbowl (improper control advantage)  
checkmat (too easy)  
clbowl (improper control advantage)  
commotion (two player game)  
csk227it (gambling game)  
csk234it (gambling game)  
dominoes (too easy)  
fax (too easy)  
goldstar (gambling game)  
goldstbl (gambling game)  
gunfight (two player game)  
lazercmd (too easy)  
lottofun (too easy)  
medlanes (improper control advantage)  
mranger (deleted by mame dev)  
pong (two player game)  
pontoon (improper control advantage)  
robotbwl (improper control advantage)  
sfzch (improper control advantage)  
shuuz (improper control advantage)  
shuuz2 (improper control advantage)  
starcrus (too easy)  
sucasino (gambling game)  
trisport (improper control advantage)  
warrior (two player game)  
• Many old Sega games will only record properly with a .34 version of MAME.    
• It is up to you to make sure that your .inps for these games play back.    
• Non-working .inps for these games will not be zeroed-out, they will be deleted.    

If you have questions, feel free to contact Pat Laffaye