MAME Action Replay Page - Introduction

This site (MARP for short) contains a collection of 'action replays' of MAME games which you can play back using MAME, for the purposes of education and exhibitionism.

Education, in that rather than using words to give hints for games, replay files can be used to show moving pictures.

Exhibitionism, in that I'm asking you to show off your high scores on the games, since it actually shows how the score was reached, instead of just being a big number. I for one would love to know how anyone can get 16 million points on bombjack.

Please read the rules for the site before uploading any recordings. There are also some help files here.

Most of the recordings here are high score attempts. The regular players at the site compete for leader board points by submitting high score recordings. The MARP site is automated to allow you to upload your own recordings (and more importantly to save you having to email them to the site maintainer, who is notoriously lazy).

Here's a list of requests - games and particular problems that people are having with them. If you can help with any of these, please mail me the replay file. If you have a request, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

If you have a high score recording, please click the 'submit' link to upload it to the page. If you have any other interesting, weird, or whatever recordings please email me a zipped copy! If you could also tell me what name you would like me to call you, and whether I should include a 'mailto:' link for you, that would be just lovely (and if you don't, I'll guess a name and not make your email address available).

Here's a template which you can use to describe your recording. Just download it, edit it to include your details and zip it up with your .inp file.