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The leader board is a summary of who is doing best on the MARP site overall.

In June 1999, a new method of scoring the leaderboard was introduced. Now everyone who has a score for a game is awarded points for that score. At the time of writing, the exact method of calculating the points for each score isn't decided, but basically, the top score for each game gets 100 points, and each of the other scores for the game gets some fraction of 100 points, determined by the ratio of the score to the top score. These points are added up over all the games and summarised in the leader board. The totals are shown in green on the leader board screen.

The original method used to award points was that the top three scorers on each game receive points, with the top scorer getting 10 points, the 2nd place getting 3 points and 3rd place getting 1 point. These scores are added up over all the games and summarised in the leader board.

You can see the current leader board by clicking here.

The table is updated as soon as a new recording is uploaded. It shows the top ten overall leaders as well as your own placing (if, like me, you're not in the top 10) and any 'new entries' - that's players who didn't have any top 3 scores at all 3 days ago.

The columns of the table indicate:

At the end of the table, you'll see a form which you can type values into. The boxes have the following affects:

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