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This is a list of the things people want to see. Particular problems they may be having with a game, or stuff like that. You get the idea.


Requester What They Want To See Reply
Pete Ashdown I'd like to see someone get to the planet of stewardesses at the end of Blaster! Done by Greg Gibson
Aquatarkus Can anyone show me how to pass the second level of Jack the Giant Killer? I mean, climbing the vines is easy (pathetic actually) but I can't figure out how to get past the sleeping giant. It looks like you should climb the stairs, but that doesn't work. Catching the coins doesn't work either, and the game demo is no help. It doesn't help the controls are less responsive than Cinematronics hit Dragon's Lair :) New
Jason Fourier How to get past the 3rd level in Kangaroo, particularly how to get rid of that @#&^%*! monkey with the boxing gloves. Done
Zwaxy How people get such huge scores on Bomb Jack - I've seen scores of 18 million or some, averaging 150k per level. Even with the 50k bonus for getting 23 fire bombs, that still leaves 100k's worth of 'real points' to collect. How's it done? Done - in principle
VVarrior VVarrior says: "I'm trying to find one of the programmer's initials in Robotron. There's an easter egg in Robotron 2084 that will display the programmer's initials..."

He has a feature on Robotron in his Rom of the Week page, in which he writes:

Hidden in the game is a credit screen, which, given the keyboard
controls, is somewhat difficult to view in emulators, but not
impossible. To get to this, some quick joystick manipulation is
required. First, while moving up, shoot to the right and press the 1P
button. Next, while still moving up, shoot down and press the 2P
button. Finally, while moving down, shoot up, and the credit screen
will be revealed. (If someone can get this to work, would you mind
sending a screenshot?)
Dirk Stevens Is there anyone who has ever *really* finished Ghosts 'n Goblins? Then I would like to see that! Done
Dario Meoli Anyone knows the bug in Galaga when, in the first screen, aliens stop shooting? Done (?)
Roto I've noticed that your very cool page is conspicuously missing a high score for Galaga. How can this be? Well, if you want you can put mine up, [I did - Ed] or just put a request up for one of those bleary-eyed freaks that can make the game crash. Done
Rodimus Prime There is an Easter Egg in Joust, very similar to the one in Robotron!

To activate this, you must do the following in sequence during an active game:

L1, F1, 1P, R2, R1, 2P, F2, L1, F1, R2, F2

P is Player Start, L is Left, R is Right, and F is Flap.

If anyone can do this, I'd like to see it.

Note - I've tried this many times since receiving Rodimus' request, and I can't get it to work. Can anyone get this thing working?

Zwaxy How about somebody recording themselves playing as the jeep in Silkworm? I know it's harder than the heli, but is it actually playable? Done
Clu In Tron, if anyone knows the pattern for dealing with the levels that have six tanks, I would like to see it. There were some printed in an old Joystik magazine, but I want to see them in action.
Rodimus Prime Read about this one in an old Joystick Magazine.

There is a trick in Dig Dug where you can Kill a dragon twice at once...

You do this by dropping a rock on a dragon while pumping him at the same time..

If you do it just right, he pops from your pump at the same time the rock hits him.

If all goes well, and he was the LAST monster on the level, the game will get really confused at this point and let you move around and dig until you either get the fruit in the middle or kill yourself with a rock.

I've been trying to do this for two weeks now.. Still can't do it.

Anyone else want to give it a try?

Rodimus Prime Also in a Joystik magazine:

Donkey Kong Jr has a bug where if you play a two player game and player one wants to 'live forever', you just kill off player two by doing the following:

Walk to the edge of the first platform on the right... get to the VERY EDGE... Then jump when a snapjaw goes off the bottom of the vine to the right.. If you time it just right, you die from the water and the snapjaw at the same time, freaking out the game.. It forgets to delete a life from the second player and adds one to the first player!! That way, you can play forever...

I've seen this done in the arcade, but have never managed to do it personally.. Maybe my timing just sucks. Anyway, anyone want to try this one?

Well, I got a reply to this from Talsit, saying:

Here ya go, sorta what the guy asked for on your requests page, but not really. Number 1 is long; number 2 is not too bad; and number 3 is short. I couldn't tell what was happening except that it always ends up with the game locking up when it gives you 'infinite' lives.

Attempted, but it crashes the game.
Tony "ACL" Driessen Here's a request for the game nibbler. Acording to the world records some guy scored over a billion points on this game! How do you score so many points? I can't even get close. Can anyone make a replay of a high scoring game of nibbler? I want to see what strategies work. Maxwel tells me that it's impossible...

If you have a request, mail me.

(And if you're one of those clever people who knows how to set up forms and stuff, then tell me how I can set this page up so people can enter their own requests, and I can just sit back and do nothing. :o)

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