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RULES FOR 'primella'

Score is 10000 x N + F - eventually (L-1) x V

N = nb of last level finished (all cards fallen)

F = final score [positive if you die by crossing horizontal deadline ; negative if you die by subtraction at the end of a level ... but contrarily to sadari, subtraction of cards value stops when you just pass under 0 ; so in case of death by subtraction, you will have to subtract the remaining value which is (L-1)xV where L = nb of cards left on screen, V = value of card = (N-1)x100 till level 11, then V maxes out at 1000 for higher levels]

Note : the reason of "L-1" is that the card which brings you under zero stays on the screen when your game is over, but of course you have not to subtract it twice

Ex : if you lose at end of level 6 with -250 and 4 cards left, score is 60000-250-3x500=58250

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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