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RULES FOR 'pengadvb'

Credits are time based, it beeps when time expired and you have to credit feed to move on.
But the game has lives on its own (if you lose all lives, itís over and you canít go on) : so continues are accepted here.

Another problem of this game : the score.
There actually is one, but itís never displayed on screen, until game is over, at which point you can see it for ONE literal frame.
So if you upload for this game, please join a snapshot of the score to help confirmers.
(advice : use SHIFT+P to advance a frame at a time when playbacking)

if you finish the game by clearing all stages, you donít get to see your score at all.
But if you start a second game and kill it, you will get it as "highscore".

Discussion there.

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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