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RULES FOR 'mstadium'

In this Baseball game the Mercy Rule was included, meaning that you win the match when you get a 10+ points lead during the match. You can only upload your recording if you are the winner by Mercy Rule. If that's so, your final score is:

100 + point difference

Ex. 1: You win after the third inning by Mercy Rule with a lead of 13-2. You final score is 100 + 11 = 111

Ex. 2: You play a whole match and win by 10-3, your final score is 100 + 7 = 107.

If you lose the Match, your recording can't be uploaded

Please remember that we now play a whole game of 9+ innings. So if you shouldn't win by Mercy Rule during the match and its a draw after 9 innings, please follow these rules:

Baseball games are now to be played as a real full baseball game. 9 innings must be played. If the home team is ahead at the completion of the first half (the top) of the 9th inning, the game must end. If the home team, batting in the bottom of the ninth makes a play that puts them ahead then the game ends after that play. If both teams are tied at the completion of the 9th inning, innings must be played until one team has won the last inning as if it were the 9th. If the game doesn't continue after a draw after the ninth inning, you must start a new game. Play this game until either you or the computer have a lead after an inning as if it were the 9th. If you are in the lead, add it to the first draw game, and press ESC to finish the game. If the computer gets the lead after an inning, you've lost the game, and will get a score of zero.

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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