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RULES FOR 'mrdoy'

BANNED TECHNIQUE : 255 lives (it's possible to win 255 lives on the first screen, but only if an apple appears in the top two rows of the playfield ; begin by digging a tunnel directly from the bottom of the screen to just below the apple, but leave enough dirt under it that it doesn't fall ; next, kill all of the enemies but one, then lose all of your extra lives ; as soon as you're on your last life, go right under the apple and wait ; eventually, the remaining enemy will come after you ; allow the apple to drop, but, in the interval before you're squashed, kill the enemy with the powerball ; if all has gone well, you'll be carried to the bottom of the screen, the music will go haywire for a moment, and you'll be awarded 255 extra lives)

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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