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RULES FOR 'mexico86'

Score = 100x(nb matchs won) + 75x(nb watches won by p.k.) + 50x(nb matchs tied) + goal difference.
Please give scores of all your matches in the description box to help confirmers !!!

Notes :
1- don't trust too much total of goals at the end of the game, as there is a little bug : if you manage a goal in the last second of a match, it is counted in the score of the match but may not be counted in the total at the end of the game.
2- in Mame92 has been added some new dipswitches including "number of matches", which can be now 6 or 2, but strangely default has been set to 2 ; you can turn it to 6, as default was 6 before Mame92.

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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