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RULES FOR 'joustr'

Pterydactyl hunting : the player can get the final hunter enemy to be held by the lava-troll, and then wait on the center ledge for pterydactyls to appear ; the ptery's make a suicide run for the player, and will strike at a perfect level into the players lance - 1000 pts. each)

SETTINGS : (rule enacted July 15, 2000)
You MUST use TG settings (5th level difficulty, 5 lives only with no extra lives) or harder.
Settings are not done through the dip switches : once you're running the game, you must keep tapping F2 until you cycle through to the page where options are set ; then press the "d" key and hold it down until the points-needed-for-extra-man goes all the way from 20,000 to zero ; press F2 to exit service mode and play the game.
Don't press F3 since that isn't saved in the input file (F1 and F2 presses are saved though).

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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