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RULES FOR 'gtmr'

SCORING : (first used in Olympiads #1, november 2001, and voted there)
To complete a race and qualify, you mustn't exceed 60s.
So each race completed will be counted 10000 + (6000 - time in centiseconds).

Example :
3 races completed with 54"18, 52"98, 55"94 then game over with 62"51 = 16000x3 - 5418 - 5298 - 5594 = 31690.
If necessary, you can download this excel file to calculate your score.

this game has roms which there are no known dumps AND playback problems may occur if the no known DUMPS are different between playback and recording... So when you run mame and mame says "NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN for etc.rom" list the rom and the crc. Example: mcu_code.u12 6c5050cb (repeated hex bytes DEADBEEF) or mc_code.u12 963dba66 (repeated text bytes

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Please delete NVRAM before recording!

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