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RULES FOR 'gstrik2j'

Score = 100 x (nb matchs won) + 50 x (nb matchs tied) + goal difference.

You have to win 6 matches for completing the game : the 1st round is called 'Final Preliminary match', next rounds are 'First match', 'Second match', 'Semifinal', 'Final' and last is the extra match vs Sepia Dreams.
But if you win the 1st round AND you're able to score 5 -or more- goals, you skip round 2 (this happens only with the 1st round) : such a win will be multiplied by 2 ; why ? see below

A) 4-0/3-0/2-0/2-0/2-0/0-1 ==> 512
B) 5-2/(skip round)/1-0/1-0/1-0/1-0 ==> 610 (without special rule : 507 ; lower score than example A which doesn't finish the game : absurd !)

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