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shot of missile

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Missile Command (rev 3)
klui25 Apr 00
"modified" TG: 4 cities, no bonus cities This recording will only work with MacMAME 36 final.
shot of tempest

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Tempest (rev 3, Revised Hardware)
klui14 Sep 99
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TG [Hard difficulty, 3 initial crawlers, 1 additional crawler every 20,000 points; start from level 1] Recorded under MacMAME, but will replay fine under xmame (but _not_ under DOS MAME--timing problem at 245K). Versions verified are 36b2, 36b3, and 36b4 (36b2 & 36b3 for xmame; 36b4 for MacMAME). Since MacMAME doesn't add in the headers for the ROM version, you must explicitly specify "tempest" when playing back: xmame tempest -playback .... There's no version for xmame 36b2.1 or greater on this web site.
shot of tempest1

 clone of 
Tempest (rev 1)
klui26 Aug 99
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Verified to work with MacMAME, AMAME, MAME, XMAME 36b2. inp was created using MacMAME which doesn't include the game's ROM as a part of its header. Specify the ROM "tempest1" to playback.

total score:1,428,649
average score:476,216

there were 3 hits

there now follows a list of the recordings which beat klui...

shot of missile

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Missile Command (rev 3)
Ben Falls (@)04 Apr 14
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Killed it off after the second 0x boards. Here's the Twitch highlight...http://www.twitch.tv/syscrusher/c/4006626
shot of missile

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Missile Command (rev 3)
john mcallister (@)09 Oct 09
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Reached 0x times boards at 3 million, went to another 810 for the 176 cities bug and then pushed escape.
shot of missile

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Missile Command (rev 3)
quarterstringer (@)07 Mar 06
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This demonstrates the Missile Command bug that awards 176 cities for going over 810,000 points.

the following stats are for all the scores, not just the ones which beat klui:

total score:13,718,399
average score:2,286,399

there were 6 hits

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