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Player Game What is it? Date Version Size (bytes)
XTC alpine how to go from 0 to 999,999 in 10 seconds or less :) 8 Aug 00 0.35 1345
Brady Prigge berzerk shows how to take a shot through the neck 25 Mar 98 0.30 5698
BeeJay bombjack how (!) to get the 'special' and be Lucy 02 Mar 98 0.30 1074
BeeJay bombjack how to walk through monsters, get the 50k bonus and land between bombs without picking them up. We're promised a 10 million point recording from BJ real soon now! :o) 23 Feb 98 0.30 620
Ray Atkinson bloods22 Shows the finishing moves of each of the 8 characters. Contains 8 recordings. 19 Aug 02 0.61 (maybe) 7251
Jay ckonga how to skip the first level, and runs through the first 4 levels - Jay writes 'In my youth, I was the KING of Donkey Kong', so come on, Jay - let's see a high-score attempt! :o)
Version 0.61 ckong recording, courtesy of Ray Atkinson.
13 Feb 98 0.30 799
KBL commando This is a cheat you can do on level 3 of commando. You hide around the corner of a hunt and can keep shooting an infinite stream of bad guys! 13 Feb 98 0.30 3735
Tony "ACL" Driessen digdugat Shows a glitch on level 24. All the monsters freeze on level 24 if you do it right. To get them started again all you have to do is move a lot. 20 Apr 98 0.30 8868
Seno digdugnm shows a trick killing a dragon twice at once. Rodimus Prime wants to see this trick on MAME Action Replay Request page, so I tried and got it. 09 Mar 98 0.30 1849
Steve Krogman dkong 3 tricks in 1 - see the .zip file for details 18 Mar 98 0.30 1995
Talsit dkongjr (long)
dkongjr (not bad)
dkongjr (short)
freaks out the game, as per the request 04 Mar 98 0.30 1583
XTC dkongjr 2 player cheat with no crash - extra lives? 8 Aug 00 0.35tg3 1812
Nick Kuzmicki gravitar This demonstrates flying through a wall without getting destroyed. There are a lot of places where you can squeek a shot through a wall, but this is the only place I have found that you can easily fly through. You can't shoot the bunkers from under the planet, but you can tractor the fuel. 02 Apr 98 0.30 2989
Zwaxy invadpt2 in the book 'How to Master the Video Games' by Tom Hirschfield, it says: "Taito, which manufactures the game and has also licensed it to Midway, promises a wonderful rainbow explosion when any player manages to shoot a 10-point invader last out of all 55, but I have yet to see that feat accomplished". I hope you're reading this, Tom! :o) 13 Feb 98 0.30 2593
XTC journey How to show the programmer's faces and names by using a sequence of keystrokes. 8 Aug 00 0.35 392
Lucky Luke joust as Luke describes it... 'Look at these two pterodactyls !!!' - it's the one I'd been waiting for, and the timing is *spot on*! :o) 13 Feb 98 0.30 3578
Skygodd kangaroo how to get past the 3rd stage 13 Feb 98 0.30 1242
Zwaxy mappy how to get a 'perfect' on the first bonus stage 13 Feb 98 0.30 876
Brian Thompson marble how to get a 4000 point bonus on the first level 04 Jun 98 0.31 1833
Tommi Tiihonen and Mark Alpiger marble 4 recordings on various Marble Madness tips, one of them showing a bug. 21 Jul 00 0.35b2 101742
roncli marble How to score a 6,000 point bonus on stage 1. 27 Jul 02 0.60 32614
Nonney mario I have a little trick for scoring some big points on the second phase of "mario". This technique, that I call "Turtle Stew", involves setting up a trap where you can kick off five shellcreepers at once, scoring 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, and 3200 points for the last one. It is possible to knock over and kick off the sixth and final shellcreeper of the stage, but you will miss out on five coins worth 800 points each, plus 800 points for the last shellcreeper. 23 Mar 98 0.30 447
Dith mrdo how to get an extra life on scene 1 09 Mar 98 0.30 1609
Dith mrdo how to trap all the baddies and clean up the whole screen 09 Mar 98 0.30 1718
netBEUI mspacman Shows a cute little quirk in Ms Pac-man. It illustrates how to make fruit bounce right through you. Basically, it exploits a small bug in Ms Pac-man that occurs when you move the joystick before Ms Pac-man reaches a wall. For example, imagine that you are moving up; if you tap left and wait, when Ms Pac-man gets to the wall she will be facing left instead of up. If a fruit is bouncing towards you at this point, it will go right through you. 24 Apr 98 0.30 413
Steve Krogman mspacman ANOTHER passing through ghost trick.(see pacman) 11 Aug 00 0.37b5 1504
Pika163 outrun The easter egg at the fork of the road. Push Start at this point to activate. 20 Jul 02 0.61 6529
Hawkwind pacman how to pass through a ghost 13 Feb 98 0.30 1238
MJS pacland The balloons on round 4 for some reason are ALL worth 7,650 each here. Why? Who knows... 31 Jul 02 0.37b8 18288
Tommi Tiihonen pc_smb One shows how to get to the minus world through world 1-2 - another shows the infamous turtle trick at world 3-1 for multiple lives. 2 Oct 00 0.37b7 13929
Ben Jos Walbeehm pnickj In the words of the author: "You can call me 'God' now" 45 max blob, 14:03 time, 990 conversions, 217,100 points. 6 Aug 00 0.35tg3 31296
Skygodd robotron how to trigger the Easter egg:
  1. while moving right, shoot up and press 1P
  2. while still moving up, shoot down and press 2P
  3. while moving down, shoot up
13 Feb 98 0.30 260
Zwaxy shinobi how to get the 'secret' 20,000 point bonus on a few of the stages (hint - don't fire at all) - I'm not very good at it on the later stages, and I can't do the bonus stages either 27 May 98 m33b3 10561
Mikko Hermanni Hyppönen sinistar the first easter egg (screenshot) 27 Feb 98 0.30 1097
Chad starforc how to get the elusive 50,000 bonus 13 Feb 98 0.30 1308
Mikko Hermanni Hyppönen stargate the easter egg (screenshot) 27 Feb 98 0.30 1389
JoustGod trackfld This shows how you can play track and field for ever once you're good enough. I'll not be accepting any T'n'F high score entries, since there's effectively no limit to the score you can get. Instead, the high score pages will show the highest score in one round on T'n'F. 15 Apr 98 0.30 18126
Rodimus Prime xevious shows the programmer's name hidden in the first few seconds of the game 13 Feb 98 0.30 231
Mikko Hermanni Hyppönen xeviousn shows all secrets before the first mother ship 03 Mar 98 0.30 4848
BSR yard how to return the kick-off for a touchdown and do a 2 point conversion; the return gives a 20,000 bonus and the conversion gives 3000; altogether that's 31,000+ for the first half 13 Feb 98 0.30 441


Player Game Score Date Version Size (bytes)
Zwaxy 1942 1,184,050 13 Feb 98 0.30 42623
I'm calling this 'cheeky' because I played it on a 486 laptop which ran at 41% at frameskip 1. The last couple of minutes are at frameskip 3 - that's where I got tired and wanted it over with...
Bas de Reuver bloodbro ??? 25 Jul 99 0.36 beta 1 6336
This shows a way of getting the centipede trapped on the side of the screen so that you can concentrate on just shooting high valued spiders. See the included text file for details.
Randood centiped 151,582 06 Jan 99 0.34 187252
This shows a way of getting the centipede trapped on the side of the screen so that you can concentrate on just shooting high valued spiders.
Wuzel commandu 1,076,800 06 Nov 02 0.61 108647
How to get 900k without even getting halfway through the first stage.
Rodimus Prime galaga ??? 18 Feb 98 0.30 79708
This shows how to get the aliens to stop firing, and also gets the game to crash (I think!)
netBEUI naughtyb 466,160 (in 1 life!) 13 Feb 98 0.30 2615
netBEUI is a very naughty boy, playing like this!
poeppy phoenix 207334 (1st life) 13 Feb 98 0.30 3770
Here we see a cheat being exploited. It awards a free 200,000 points on level 2 of round 2! There's something mighty strange going on with the space craft at the end of round 2, as well.
Tripper phoenixt 233,981 (143,200 + cheats???) 20 Apr 98 0.30 32413
Here we see the 200k cheat being exploited twice. The first time it gives a 190k bonus, but the 2nd time it sets the score back from 304,975 to 200k! So the cheat doesn't add on to your current score, it just sets the current score to around 200k.


Player Game What is it? Date Version Size (bytes)
DonHG defender Here's one for your show off section. It shows 3 things: 1) all ten picked up together and then dropped together 2) when you put all 10 down you can get some of the pickups to appear at the TOP of the screen (in this case only 1 goes through) 3) that a lander will then travel UPWARDS to get the pickup - 1) and 2) are both made easier with the original machine because the whole game starts to slow down as the processor struggles to keep things together. With mame this isn't simulated. Don. (btw: please ignore my mail about problems with record - obviously I got it sussed) 07 Jan 99 mame34 4474
Tommi Tiihonen galaga An artistic way to avoid bees at stage 10 :) Watch the blue one... 14 Sep 01 mame36 14592
BBH gunsmoke If you manage to beat Roy Knife (Level 2 boss) while still keeping the horse, immediately walk over his dead body. You will end up losing the horse, but somehow Roy will get back up, and his life bar will be full, yet never go down when you shoot him! That's right, an invinicble boss! And no more enemies come out to fight you, so it's just you and him battling it out. It's really not so hard to hit him when you don't have to worry about other enemies. I shoot the crap out of him for a little while and then just kill myself, ending the recording. The game will still go on, so you will get to control it. :) 12 Jun 98 m33b5 6980
JoustGod joustwr this one has an opponent freeze, but not your man 30 Mar 98 0.30 2332
JoustGod joustwr this one leaves only your player on the screen with nothing else coming out 30 Mar 98 0.30 4383
JoustGod joustwr in this one, your player never reappears in spite of your reserve of extra men 30 Mar 98 0.30 3619
JoustGod joustwr game ends prematurely 30 Mar 98 0.30 2505
JoustGod joustwr there is a freezing of multiple opponents, then they reanimate after your player comes in contact with one of them, then the game drops 30 Mar 98 0.30 4687
JoustGod joustwr game ends with many men in reserve, however only the Pterrys make an appearance thus ending this particular session 30 Mar 98 0.30 4921
Zwaxy klax Tiles pass through bat! 26 May 98 m33b3 2262
Game Guru marble how to score over 200,000 04 Sep 99 m36b3 38667
Eric marblea glitch 29 Apr 98 0.31 3525
Tony "ACL" Driessen tapper glitch 29 Apr 98 0.31 2242
Tommi Tiihonen tron Shows what happens in the gridbugs level if you kill all the bugs. The zip file has a cheat.dat (only for Tron) and a text file telling how to use it. 21 Sep 99 0.34 2419
QRS rallyx Shows what happens if you crash and capture the last flag in a level at the same time! 6 Jun 00 0.35tg3 1925
Barry Rodewald sf2 Zangief going off into space... then coming from the ground and going off into space again... then coming from the ground and going off into space again... then... oh I'll shut up! 10 Jun 00 0.36 4449
Barry Rodewald sf2 Yes... starting the car in Street Fighter II is possible! 10 Jun 00 0.36 4290
Tommi Tiihonen phoenix The answer to the age old question... can phoenix be marathoned? Yes it can! Answer comes on Stage 3-2. 25 Jul 00 0.34 5281
Tommi Tiihonen phoenix More stage 3-2 mischief! How about fighting an invisible bird? 25 Jul 00 Win36 8340
Kelly R. Flewin alpine Want a big score? Here's the short cut. 7 Jul 02 Win61 4833
Barry Rodewald sf2 Dhalsim turns invisible! 7 Jul 02 mame61 (win32) 1383
Joe Ledesma bankp How to finish a stage, die, and confuse the game all at once. Watch round 6. 7 Jul 02 win35tg3 7513
Joe Ledesma invaders That second UFO doesn't want to die! 7 Jul 02 win37b11 1197
Joe Ledesma nrallyx Nice shortcut. Or how to go through a wall. 7 Jul 02 win35tg3 10938
Phil Lamat gng Ye olde infinite time trick. 9 Jul 02 mame34 3229
Alex Weir paperboy Two demonstrations of the lawnmower trick. 11 Jul 02 win35b5 45959
Donut paperboy Another Paperboy glitch. 22 Jul 02 m35b6 22435
roncli jrpacman According to roncli, how to make the ghosts wear a new sexy blue skin. 27 Jul 02 mame60 2597
BBH elevatob Watch on round 3, at 39,350 points, for the bullet that passes through the player. 28 Jul 02 m35tg3b 13762
Krool mk2 Various tricks and stuff. 31 Jul 02 mame61 15289
Tommi Tiihonen phoenixc How to get a quick 100k and a couple of extra lifes on the first stage. 09 Aug 02 win36 2210
Tommi Tiihonen condor Similar to the above, but on stage 2-5, and gets even more extra lives. 09 Aug 02 mame61 11211
gameboy9 turfmast Quote: "I broke Neo Turf Masters!!! :)" 19 Aug 02 win61 4986
NotMan paperbr2 How to make your score look more like something out of Giga Wing in one easy step 20 Nov 03 wolf77 13234
NotMan mrdot The infamous 255 lives trick 23 Sep 04 wolf83 1057
MJS starforc The 1 million point bonus - the easy way 15 Aug 05 AdvanceMAME 0.99 95742

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