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23 Jun 17 19:06saulonpb@TeamBrazilsfexpu1Street Fighter EX Plus (USA 970311)wolf1831825100 (1st)
23 Jun 17 18:39saulonpb@TeamBrazilsfex2pStreet Fighter EX2 Plus (USA 990611)wolf1831376700 (3rd)
23 Jun 17 08:44RedStarfinalapr-deFinal Lap R (Rev. B) [Germany]wolf18684634 (1st)
Finished 2'33"66 Best lap 37"40
22 Jun 17 13:44BBH edited the description for saulonpb@TeamBrazil's sfa3u
22 Jun 17 13:44BBH moved saulonpb@TeamBrazil's recording from sfa3 to sfa3u
21 Jun 17 21:33saulonpb@TeamBrazilpinkswtsxPink Sweets: Ibara Sorekara (2006/xx/xx MASTER VER.)wolf1831112510 (2nd)
the expert keyboard--first try
21 Jun 17 21:05saulonpb@TeamBrazilibaraIbara (2005/03/22 MASTER VER..)wolf1831261520 (1st)
the expert keyboard
21 Jun 17 11:43PG3 moved a recording from punisher to deleted
21 Jun 17 04:53TK2012finallapjbFinal Lap (Japan, Rev B)wolf15084207 (1st)
21 Jun 17 02:45saulonpb@TeamBrazilfireshrkdFire Shark (Korea, set 1, easier)wolf1831243390 (1st)
the expert keyboard
21 Jun 17 02:22TER edited the description for gauntletgr6
20 Jun 17 20:51saulonpb@TeamBrazilfireshrkdhFire Shark (Korea, set 2, harder)wolf1831171540 (1st)
20 Jun 17 16:35empardopoempcityEmpire City: 1931 (bootleg?)wolf15190130 (4th)
For my friends of ArcadeSpain.
20 Jun 17 14:04TERgauntletgr6Gauntlet (German, rev 6)wolf18611111111 (1st)
Elf. Includes screenshots. Took a break (about 40 mins?) at Level 182 to pick up kids from school. Messed up exact 10M at Level 485. Finally killed off at Level 544. Approx 14 hours?
20 Jun 17 12:11PG3punisherThe Punisher (World 930422)wolf1838773800 (4th)
19 Jun 17 18:20Fordycfboy0a1Flash Boy (vertical) [DECO Cassette MD] (No.12/Ver.0/Set.1,Japan)' (Data East Corporation 1981)wolf18384600 (1st)
Pattern 7
18 Jun 17 20:43PPjleagueoThe J.League 1994 (Japan)wolf106256 (2nd)
4-2, 4-0, 2-2
18 Jun 17 08:56RedStararkretrnuArkanoid Returns (Ver 2.02A 1997/02/10)wolf183243530 (1st)
Round 51 to 69/100
17 Jun 17 12:15saulonpb@TeamBrazilssf2r1Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (World 930911)wolf1831725400 (2nd)
17 Jun 17 11:42saulonpb@TeamBrazilssf2r1Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (World 930911)wolf1831586700 (2nd)
17 Jun 17 10:39mogue3wonders-actThree Wonders (World 910520) [Action]wolf1511186400 (9th)
17 Jun 17 10:30moguecabalCabal (World, Joystick)wolf1512061880 (6th)
17 Jun 17 04:34KalecrimecjCrime City (Japan)wolf1861394550 (2nd)
Raymond 1cc 2 miss
17 Jun 17 01:50saulonpb@TeamBrazilssf2jSuper Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Japan 931005)wolf1831663100 (1st)
16 Jun 17 17:05saulonpb@TeamBrazilbgareggabl1945 Part-2 (Chinese hack of Battle Garegga)wolf1832211280 (2nd)
16 Jun 17 16:34animexbox74solomonSolomon's Key (US)wolf151767640 (1st)
16 Jun 17 14:11saulonpb@TeamBrazil1944j1944: The Loop Master (Japan 000620)wolf1833343490 (1st)
the expert keyboard
16 Jun 17 09:30BBHmightguyMighty Guywolf181899900 (1st)
bleep bleep boop boop screeeee boom pow pow skrkrrrttt
15 Jun 17 13:44saulonpb@TeamBrazil1944d1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)wolf1832934350 (1st)