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24 Aug 17 08:13KyoKusagani1999spyS.P.Y. - Special Project Y (World ver. N)wolf145102900 (1st)
FIRST person in the MARP community to 1CC this game ! During a Macaw stream, none the less too ! This night just keeps getting better and better... =)
24 Aug 17 00:49jerky edited the description for cobracom
24 Aug 17 00:39simpsons99 moved a recording from phoenixha to deleted
24 Aug 17 00:30jerkycobracomCobra-Command (World/US revision 5)wolf1881762330 (1st)
...::: ...meep...meep... :::...
23 Aug 17 23:41saulonpb@TeamBrazilarkgcblaArkanoid (bootleg on Block hardware, set 2)wolf183233850 (1st)
the game´s gennius
23 Aug 17 16:44saulonpb@TeamBrazilbtlfieldbBattle Field (bootleg)wolf18325700 (2nd)
first try
23 Aug 17 15:20PPtimekill132iTime Killers (v1.32I)wolf18735768 (1st)
run doggy, run! :lol:
23 Aug 17 15:19PPvictorycVictory (Comsoft)wolf187171454 (1st)
23 Aug 17 15:18PPvictorycbVictory (Comsoft) (bootleg)wolf187180786 (1st)
23 Aug 17 13:46colman paolossideki3Super Sidekicks 3 - The Next Glory / Tokuten Ou 3 - Eikou e no Michiwolf186723 (1st)
7-0--5-0--4-1--3-0--3-1--2-0--2-1(bios jap mvs3) WR for arca neogeo
23 Aug 17 10:37saulonpb@TeamBrazilsf2m5Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (M5, bootleg)wolf1831597600 (1st)
--ken--all perfect--the king of street fighter
23 Aug 17 08:17BBHboblcaveBubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.2 (for Bobble Bobble PCB)wolf188329770 (1st)
oh boy I love easy 1st places!!!
23 Aug 17 08:17BBHdowntownjDownTown / Mokugeki (joystick hack)wolf188134000 (1st)
23 Aug 17 01:32PPfitegolf2Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (US, Ver 2)wolf188113 (2nd)
Worst golf ever made.
23 Aug 17 01:31PPraiden2dxRaiden II (harder, Raiden DX hardware)wolf170509980 (1st)
23 Aug 17 01:30PProute16cRoute 16 (set 3, bootleg?)wolf17017990 (1st)
23 Aug 17 00:10KalecontcircjContinental Circus (Japan)wolf1886192080 (1st)
GAMEST WR of 7M+ is pretty exceptional, considering how much of a rank shithorse this is.
22 Aug 17 10:11Barthax edited the description for animefx's splatterj
22 Aug 17 07:16BBHbublcave10Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.0wolf1882606660 (1st)
22 Aug 17 07:16BBHbublcave11Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.1wolf1882405530 (1st)
21 Aug 17 10:24Paskykov2102Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 102, 101, 100HK)wolf18899658600 (1st)
Cleared with Ma Chao.
20 Aug 17 16:01kbz3parastanbRastan (World, Earlier code base)wolf188405700 (1st)
20 Aug 17 13:41Paskytheglad100The Gladiator / Road of the Sword / Shen Jian (M68k label V100) (ARM label V100, ROM 01/16/03 SHEN JIAN)wolf18832174900 (1st)
Chu. Took normal island route, less score.
20 Aug 17 03:04BeeJay moved a recording from *tour4000 to deleted
20 Aug 17 03:04BeeJay moved a recording from *3bagflnz to deleted
20 Aug 17 01:44Kale edited the description for fitegolf2
20 Aug 17 01:44Kalefitegolf2Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (US, Ver 2)wolf188126 (1st)
2cc +2
Lee buys the best stuff!
20 Aug 17 00:44John Cunninghamloggerr2Logger (Rev.2)wolf18826400 (1st)
For those who said I would never have the top score on a cheap Donkey Kong rip off...or a clone of a cheap Donkey Kong rip off.

19 Aug 17 21:43PaskythegladpcbThe Gladiator / Road of the Sword / Shen Jian (M68k label V100) (ARM label V100, ROM 02/25/03 SHEN JIAN) (Japan, JAMMA PCB)wolf18849090100 (1st)
Hardest route. No miss. Music is horrible in this version.
19 Aug 17 20:30PPbublcave10Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.0wolf1672023000 (1st)
19 Aug 17 18:54PPbublcave11Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.1wolf1672012000 (1st)
19 Aug 17 18:29Paskykov2103Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 103, 101, 100HK)wolf18898729400 (1st)
Cleared with Ma Chao. Verified playback this time.
19 Aug 17 12:17kbz3parastanaRastan (World)wolf188468200 (1st)
19 Aug 17 11:30BBHsilkwormpSilk Worm (prototype?)wolf188765000 (1st)