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12 Aug 22 04:11DumpleefdtEl Fin Del Tiempowolf24537100 (3rd)
2 loops cleared
12 Aug 22 03:01Dumplegloc-begG-LOC Air Battle (World) [Beginner]wolf24597634 (2nd)
1cc in 3'56"6
11 Aug 22 22:20KalepiratesbPirates (set 2)wolf2451138380 (1st)
1cc 2 silly misses at final stage, 2p side, you pass'd, the objective (sic)
11 Aug 22 18:55KyoKusagani1999parodiuseParodius DA! (World, set 2)wolf240854100 (1st)
1CC MOTHERF**KERS!! Completed With Vic Viper after a long grueling push!
11 Aug 22 10:00FrankiesbuggeraSpace Bugger (set 2)wolf22730500 (4th)
11 Aug 22 09:25Frankiephklad-kldKlad / Labyrinth (Photon System) [Klad]wolf22773 (1st)
Inserted 1 coin, starting with 60 seconds. Got some extra time, maybe because I passed 50 Pekopa?
11 Aug 22 00:18Kale edited the description for pirates
11 Aug 22 00:17Kale edited the description for pirates
11 Aug 22 00:15KalepiratesPirates (set 1)wolf2451196340 (4th)
1cc 2p side, second day
10 Aug 22 13:19TERpainterPainter (hack of Crush Roller)wolf246142990 (1st)
10 Aug 22 11:04Evan04bnjmBump 'n' Jump (Midway)wolf216206452 (1st)
10 Aug 22 10:00Evan04pooyansPooyan (Stern Electronics)wolf220124450 (8th)
09 Aug 22 20:55BBHtotcarnp2Total Carnage (prototype, proto v 2.0 02/10/92)wolf246642939 (1st)
not finished
09 Aug 22 09:43Evan04higemaruPirate Ship Higemaruwolf238182250 (5th)
09 Aug 22 09:09KinofailgateFail Gatewolf2461354690 (1st)
Overall satisfied with this, only missed the special bonus twice.
09 Aug 22 03:11Stephen M. KrogmansuprmrioaVs. Super Mario Bros. (set ?, harder)wolf183168900 (3rd)
MGLLII submission
09 Aug 22 03:11Stephen M. KrogmanpooyanPooyanwolf183153800 (26th)
MGLLII submission
09 Aug 22 03:10Stephen M. KrogmanpigoutPig Out: Dine Like a Swine! (rev 2?)wolf18359175 (13th)
MGLLII submission
09 Aug 22 03:10Stephen M. KrogmanoutrunOut Run (sitdown/upright, Rev B)wolf1834856340 (42nd)
MGLLII submission
09 Aug 22 02:42DumpleaquarushAqua Rush (Japan, AQ1/VER.A1)wolf245939592 (3rd)
1cc of 10-stage mode in 604.08s
08 Aug 22 13:36TERgauntlet2pr3Gauntlet (2 Players, rev 3)wolf2461135166 (1st)
Apologies... score is actually 1135165, but I accidentally submitted the wrong zip, & couldn't figure out how else to overwrite it.
08 Aug 22 13:31TER changed score for gauntlet2pr3 from 1135164 to 1135165
08 Aug 22 13:26TER changed score for gauntlet2pr3 from 1135165 to 1135164
08 Aug 22 13:23TERgauntlet2pr3Gauntlet (2 Players, rev 3)wolf2461135165 (1st)
08 Aug 22 11:57Evan04higemaruPirate Ship Higemaruwolf238144300 (10th)
08 Aug 22 10:26Evan04pooyansPooyan (Stern Electronics)wolf238115550 (8th)
08 Aug 22 09:34Evan04higemaruPirate Ship Higemaruwolf238137300 (10th)
08 Aug 22 04:31TERgauntletjGauntlet (Japanese, rev 13)wolf2451097241 (1st)
08 Aug 22 00:28Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff edited the description for wallc
08 Aug 22 00:27Joseph "Gatorman" KristoffwallcWall Crash (set 1)wolf2361943269 (1st)
Improved greatly on my previous score of 1,309,033/Level 48. Level 63 this time, two 24-level loops complete—all the more amazing considering there were no random 1ups. May I never do this game again. (duration of input: 3 hours, 16 minutes.)
07 Aug 22 10:08Evan04pooyansPooyan (Stern Electronics)wolf183107900 (8th)
05 Aug 22 18:13KrjbombrmanBomber Man (Japan)wolf2454001400 (1st)
05 Aug 22 10:14Evan04pooyansPooyan (Stern Electronics)wolf22295900 (9th)
05 Aug 22 06:30Rej72380higemaruPirate Ship Higemaruwolf235174600 (5th)
This run is voluntarily rated "Arrr!"