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17 Oct 17 05:28Flobeamer1922boscoBosconian (new version)wolf189191880 (16th)
17 Oct 17 04:57TK2012supmodelSuper Modelwolf170582900 (1st)
17 Oct 17 04:56TK201220pacgalr1-pacMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.01) [Pac-Man]wolf152418670 (1st)
17 Oct 17 04:55TK2012sonicpSegaSonic The Hedgehog (Japan, prototype)wolf1702 (1st)
17 Oct 17 04:52PP moved a recording from supmodel to deleted
17 Oct 17 04:42Flobeamer1922 edited the description for pacmanf
17 Oct 17 04:36Flobeamer1922pacmanfPac-Man (Midway, speedup hack)wolf189191580 (10th)
16 Oct 17 21:08jordani11pangPang (World)wolf1512715020 (15th)
16 Oct 17 20:32JarlwheelfirWheels & Firewolf190585013 (1st)
Bienvenidos a la edad de la ranciedad del software espaņol
16 Oct 17 07:53BarratutankhmTutankhamwolf18698080 (8th)
16 Oct 17 06:57Flobeamer1922ckonggCrazy Kong (bootleg on Galaxian hardware)wolf189354200 (2nd)
Second kill screen, just one day after the first! PogChamp
16 Oct 17 06:06Flobeamer1922pacmaniaPac-Maniawolf189190400 (14th)
Completely fell apart on the 4th maze.
16 Oct 17 05:22Flobeamer1922bublboblBubble Bobble (Japan, Ver 0.1)wolf189601890 (6th)
No codes used.
16 Oct 17 04:58Flobeamer1922 edited the description for bubblem
16 Oct 17 04:57Flobeamer1922ncv1-galNamco Classic Collection Vol.1 [Galaga Arrangement]wolf189125440 (10th)
16 Oct 17 04:38Flobeamer1922bubblemBubble Memories: The Story Of Bubble Bobble III (Ver 2.4O 1996/02/15)wolf1892095720 (14th)
16 Oct 17 03:00BeeJay changed score for Jarl's wheelfir from 1 to 380258
16 Oct 17 03:00BeeJay edited the description for Jarl's wheelfir
16 Oct 17 02:57BeeJay changed version for Mcporkchop54's drmario from wolf190 to mame186
16 Oct 17 02:57BeeJay edited the description for Mcporkchop54's drmario
15 Oct 17 20:48KaleffantasybFighting Fantasy (Japan revision ?)wolf190288140 (1st)
1cc no miss
15 Oct 17 20:48kbz3patm-treTouchmaster (v3.00 Euro) [Triple Elevens (Cards)]wolf190177200 (2nd)
15 Oct 17 20:37JarlwheelfirWheels & Firewolf1901 (1st)
15 Oct 17 18:35darkinferno1981spangj-pmSuper Pang (Japan 901023) [Panic Mode]wolf106880200 (4th)
15 Oct 17 08:03Flobeamer1922ckongsCrazy Kong (Scramble hardware)wolf189350700 (7th)
My first kill screen in a Donkey Kong game! Oh man, I was not expecting that to happen with this game, but it did!
15 Oct 17 06:38Flobeamer1922dkongDonkey Kong (US set 1)wolf189166500 (54th)
15 Oct 17 05:06jerkystarcaspStar Castle (prototype)wolf15241040 (1st)
...::: Semi-Hard CHiP :::...
14 Oct 17 20:51jerky edited the description for ncv2-pm
14 Oct 17 20:49Flobeamer1922ncv1-mapNamco Classic Collection Vol.1 [Mappy Arrangement]wolf18964600 (2nd)
14 Oct 17 20:17Flobeamer1922ckongCrazy Kongwolf189279500 (6th)
14 Oct 17 17:07jerkystarcasStar Castle (version 3)wolf15227550 (1st)
...::: Hard Chip :::...
14 Oct 17 07:36Mcporkchop54drmarioVs. Dr. Mariowolf190246600 (5th)
14 Oct 17 03:17Flobeamer1922 edited the description for bubblem
14 Oct 17 03:17Flobeamer1922bubblemBubble Memories: The Story Of Bubble Bobble III (Ver 2.4O 1996/02/15)wolf1891315600 (15th)
14 Oct 17 02:42Flobeamer1922boscoBosconian (new version)wolf189155150 (20th)
13 Oct 17 10:48mogueextrmatnExtermination (World)wolf1511985580 (1st)
13 Oct 17 07:43Flobeamer1922boscoBosconian (new version)wolf189116070 (24th)
13 Oct 17 03:17Flobeamer1922 edited the description for bublbob2o
13 Oct 17 03:10Flobeamer1922 edited the description for bublbob2o