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24 Apr 19 06:02Paolo Colman@M.R.A.outzonecvOut Zone (Zero Wing TP-015 PCB conversion)wolf2052000020 (1st)
23 Apr 19 03:44HAN edited the description for msh
23 Apr 19 03:43HANmshMarvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024)wolf2001384600 (5th)
1CC w/no rounds lost using Spiderman
22 Apr 19 21:36Jarl edited the description for afighter
22 Apr 19 21:35Jarl edited the description for afighter
22 Apr 19 21:35Jarl edited the description for afighter
22 Apr 19 21:34Jarl edited the description for afighter
22 Apr 19 21:34Jarl edited the description for afighter
22 Apr 19 21:31Jarl edited the description for afighter
22 Apr 19 21:30JarlafighterAction Fighter (FD1089A 317-0018)wolf208351200 (2nd)
free image upload
True 1 loop
22 Apr 19 19:00SFCHAMPION@M.R.A.asurabusAsura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan)wolf2001033200 (1st)
22 Apr 19 18:59SFCHAMPION@M.R.A.combatscCombat School (joystick)wolf200396880 (1st)
22 Apr 19 16:28asn007@HotTeam.plgalaga3aGalaga 3 (GP3 rev. C)wolf208729600 (1st)
22 Apr 19 12:44BarradkongjrDonkey Kong Junior (US set F-2)wolf2071319700 (2nd)
22 Apr 19 12:26PG3 edited the description for vendetta
22 Apr 19 08:01creechspacezapSpace Zapwolf202195250 (7th)
21 Apr 19 09:07KintarovendettaVendetta (World, 4 Players, ver. T)wolf2072385 (1st)
DRI Vendetta 2385
1249877 Frames (05:52:03) - Speed 100.00%
21 Apr 19 04:30furiouswolf666xmvsfr1X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 960910)wolf1842205200 (1st)
TG Settings. Finished with Storm and Cyclops.
20 Apr 19 11:16phil tdkong3Donkey Kong 3 (US)wolf1061285100 (11th)
20 Apr 19 06:53Paolo Colman@M.R.A.outzonebOut Zone (older set)wolf2051647770 (1st)
first loop clear---1 miss da pirla
19 Apr 19 00:23Giro-X@M.R.A.daiyogenMahjong Daiyogen (Japan)wolf207869000 (1st)
An elusive 1CC finally arrived.
18 Apr 19 20:04KyoKusagani1999megamanaMega Man: The Power Battle (CPS1, Asia 951006)wolf194621800 (3rd)
The most popular version as it was the first one available for a long time.
18 Apr 19 18:35KyoKusagani1999mmancp2uMega Man: The Power Battle (CPS2, USA 951006, SAMPLE Version)wolf174615600 (1st)
An improvement over yesterday morning's Japanese version score !!
18 Apr 19 08:57KrjlohtLegend of Hero Tonmawolf208721600 (1st)
Princess is dead
18 Apr 19 08:54KrjlohtjLegend of Hero Tonma (Japan)wolf208634900 (1st)
Pr1nCCess is not brava
17 Apr 19 19:12Pearl edited the description for ddp2
17 Apr 19 14:13KyoKusagani1999rmancp2jRockman: The Power Battle (CPS2, Japan 950922)wolf174614500 (1st)
All perfect until the final Dr. Wily fight. Used an older version of Wolf because of a missing redump.
14 Apr 19 06:09PG3 edited the description for snowbros
14 Apr 19 05:37saulonpb@TeamBraziltm4k-sohTouchmaster 4000 (v6.03 Standard) [Solitaire High Score (Cards)]wolf17728520 (1st)
14 Apr 19 03:49PG3 edited the description for xmen2pe
12 Apr 19 03:27saulonpb@TeamBraziltm2k-p13Touchmaster 2000 Plus (v4.63 Standard) [Pyramid 13 (Cards)]wolf177105800 (3rd)
12 Apr 19 00:40essekappa@M.R.A.bublcaveBubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.2wolf2079999990 (1st)
power up original game and super mode codes used
11 Apr 19 21:09CiccadepthchDepthchargewolf1064790 (2nd)
68 hits
11 Apr 19 19:28saulonpb@TeamBraziltm2k-p13Touchmaster 2000 Plus (v4.63 Standard) [Pyramid 13 (Cards)]wolf17766750 (3rd)
11 Apr 19 06:08HANsupermanSuperman (World)wolf1932000600 (1st)