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26 May 17 15:03giro-XpopbouncPop 'n Bounce / Gapporinwolf1837643200 (2nd)
I'm coming...
Stage 4-3, uses -bios japan
26 May 17 13:09colman paolo changed version for pacnpal from win183 to wolf183
26 May 17 13:08colman paolopacnpalPac & Palwin1831217240 (1st)
bad gameplay-stage 96 and give-up-rank b-1h21min play
26 May 17 07:31HANeightmanEight Man (NGM-025 ~ NGH-025)wolf185253900 (3rd)
finished on default difficulty
26 May 17 02:17Kalealiensyn7Alien Syndrome (set 7, System 16B, MC-8123B 317-00xx)wolf185403600 (1st)
First try warm-up "Hardest"
Also yeah, discovered it's 100k-only when last Ripley died Jebaited
25 May 17 20:30saulonpb@TeamBrazilmnightjMutant Night (Japan)wolf183176180 (1st)
the expert keyboard--played in lan house
25 May 17 20:11saulonpb@TeamBrazilsf2mdtbStreet Fighter II': Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg, set 3)wolf1831573300 (1st)
ken -- first try--the game´s gennius
24 May 17 21:45jijiruo@ezteam.cnrunarkRunark (Japan)wolf10674500 (6th)
Game level:Hardest.No damage all.
24 May 17 17:16Antras75toramichTora e no Michi (Japan)wolf155593070 (1st)
24 May 17 17:13Antras75tigeroadbTiger Road (US bootleg)wolf155285330 (1st)
Default Settings.
24 May 17 17:11Antras75tigeroaduTiger Road (US, Romstar license)wolf155278780 (1st)
24 May 17 12:51empardopo edited the description for timecris
24 May 17 12:33empardopo changed score for timecrisa from 5910 to 5900
24 May 17 12:32empardopotimecrisaTime Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.A)wolf1515910 (1st)
Stage 1 completed. 59% * 100 = 5900 For my friends of ArcadeSpain.
24 May 17 12:13empardopotimecrisTime Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.B)wolf1516100 (1st)
Stage 1 complete. 61% * 100 = 6100 For my friends of ArcadeSpain.
23 May 17 22:18PG3mk4bMortal Kombat 4 (version 1.0)wolf1838 (1st)
23 May 17 22:18PG3mk4aMortal Kombat 4 (version 2.1)wolf18317 (1st)
23 May 17 21:26Antras75tigeroadTiger Road (US)wolf155454850 (1st)
Default settings.
23 May 17 20:57PG3mk4Mortal Kombat 4 (version 3.0)wolf183120 (1st)
1CC - [special rules]
23 May 17 20:16saulonpb@TeamBrazilsf2mdtaStreet Fighter II': Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg, set 2)wolf1771364300 (1st)
ken--fisrt try-- the street fighter gennius
23 May 17 19:26saulonpb@TeamBrazilx2222oX2222 (5-level prototype)wolf177381600 (1st)
the expert keyboard
23 May 17 16:29empardopokungfubKung-Fu Master (bootleg set 1)wolf151482040 (6th)
For my friends of ArcadeSpain.
22 May 17 20:21chinitoash2pangPang (World)wolf152341410 (88th)
liga arcadespain
22 May 17 18:03empardopoopwolfOperation Wolf (World, set 1)wolf151433800 (3rd)
For my friends of ArcadeSpain.;topicseen#new
21 May 17 23:47mogue edited the description for ghouls
21 May 17 00:19saulonpb@TeamBrazil edited the description for x2222o
21 May 17 00:19saulonpb@TeamBrazilx2222oX2222 (5-level prototype)wolf177148050 (3rd)
ryu finished--played in lan house
21 May 17 00:06saulonpb@TeamBrazilsf2edStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910318)wolf1771354700 (1st)