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17 Jan 21 17:41DumplekidnikiKid Niki - Radical Ninja (World)wolf2263241500 (3rd)
1cc with one death in stage 7. Kid Niki is indeed one radical dude.
17 Jan 21 11:42Paolo Colman@M.R.A.liberatrLiberator (set 1)wolf226320020 (1st)
17 Jan 21 06:22PG3 edited the description for kodj
17 Jan 21 03:20HANnastarwNastar Warrior (US)wolf220283900 (2nd)
1CC - good play until the last stage, then...
17 Jan 21 00:58Kale edited the description for suprtrio
17 Jan 21 00:57KalesuprtrioSuper Triowolf225151700 (3rd)
Casual 1cc, more surprising for the game not crashing at all than the actual game difficulty :V
Added snap to help confirmers, ofc it's one of those games that don't register name entry if you clear it :V
16 Jan 21 12:59TK2012phoenxp2Phoenix Part 2wolf214225335 (1st)
16 Jan 21 10:33BBHfatfury3Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory / Garou Densetsu 3 - Haruka-naru Tatakai (NGM-069 ~ NGH-069)wolf2251244100 (1st)
beat Chonrei with Terry, but the game crashes before the ending on English bios'es, lol. I may try again on Japanese bios since I lost too many rounds. Score before final hit - 1229000, +400 for final hit, +14700 for round bonus = 1244100
15 Jan 21 20:00Paolo Colman@M.R.A.liberatr2Liberator (set 2)wolf226320560 (1st)
14 Jan 21 22:09Giro-X@Mame R.A. edited the description for mchampdxa-wb
14 Jan 21 22:07Giro-X@Mame R.A.mchampdxa-wbMulti Champ Deluxe (ver. 1126, 26/11/1999) [Word Bingo]wolf227202700 (1st)
The voice samples gave me the strength to realize this totally unrequested 1CC (finally. Oh beautiful (cit.))
For easier confirming: the final score is achieved at Round 50 cleared, approx. 307500 frames (103 min. long replay). As a classic in these silly games and especially this manufacturer, clearing the game doesn't allow to register name in ranking.
14 Jan 21 19:10saulonpb@TeamBraziltm4k-t21Touchmaster 4000 (v6.03 Standard) [Target 21 (Cards)]wolf177831400 (2nd)
14 Jan 21 05:56Dumplewakuwak7Waku Waku 7wolf2265443300 (9th)
1cc with Mauru and the Burp of Doom
14 Jan 21 04:07PG3 edited the description for kodj
14 Jan 21 03:55PG3 edited the description for captcomm
13 Jan 21 19:43LordCrixbutasanButasan - Pig's & Bomber's (Japan, English)wolf227955062 (1st)
Great combo in R8
12 Jan 21 14:41TK2012 moved a recording from landgearja to deleted
12 Jan 21 11:34Phil Lamat edited the description for TK2012's landgearja
12 Jan 21 11:33Phil Lamat changed score for saulonpb@TeamBrazil's megat5-sol from 50280 to 42050
12 Jan 21 11:33Phil Lamat edited the description for saulonpb@TeamBrazil's megat5-sol
10 Jan 21 14:17Giro-X@Mame R.A. edited the description for dariusgj
09 Jan 21 17:18Paolo Colman@M.R.A.liberatr2Liberator (set 2)wolf226195760 (2nd)
09 Jan 21 16:25DumpleblzntrndBlazing Tornadowolf226285000 (2nd)
1cc with Zama
09 Jan 21 11:01TK2012landgearjaLanding Gear (Ver 3.0 J)wolf22746 (1st)
saulonpb's score in megat5-sol is 42050, not 50280. He added the score of a second credit
09 Jan 21 05:46DumpleelvactrElevator Action Returns (Ver 2.2O 1995/02/20)wolf226375900 (7th)
09 Jan 21 03:53negative1millpacMillpac (bootleg of Centipede)wolf216999370 (1st)
3men+extras at 12k, another weird clone, used atari dual joystick plus trackball for movement and shooting, quit near the end.
09 Jan 21 03:51negative1magwormMagic Worm (bootleg of Centipede, set 1)wolf216550739 (1st)
3men+extras at 12k, weird clone, used Atari dual joystick plus trackball for movement and shooting
09 Jan 21 02:40furiouswolf666 edited the description for *kicker
08 Jan 21 21:43Kinopuchicar-vsmPuchi Carat (Ver 2.02O 1997/10/29) [vs] [Middle]wolf183590520 (2nd)
07 Jan 21 09:44TK2012vformula-acVirtua Formula [Acropolis]wolf1604743320 (1st)
07 Jan 21 09:43TK2012vformula-bbVirtua Formula [Bay Bridge]wolf1604796320 (1st)
07 Jan 21 09:41TK2012pgalvipPocket Gals V.I.P (set 1)wolf22611000 (1st)
07 Jan 21 02:07PG3 edited the description for captcomm
07 Jan 21 00:50BBH edited the description for PG3's captcomm
07 Jan 21 00:03PG3 changed score for captcomm from 280912 to 280910