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11 Apr 21 00:07dazzeramidar1Amidar (older)wolf2283200000 (1st)
09 Apr 21 16:58Phil Lamat edited the description for saulonpb@TeamBrazil's carnivalha
09 Apr 21 16:57Phil LamatcarnivalhaCarnival (Head On hardware, set 2)wolf23048960 (1st)
Bear stage no more broken since Mame 0.227, but there is still a problem with the music
09 Apr 21 16:57Phil LamatcarnivalhCarnival (Head On hardware, set 1)wolf23047560 (1st)
Bear stage no more broken since Mame 0.227, but there is still a problem with the music
09 Apr 21 16:18Alex Weirstunrun3S.T.U.N. Runner (rev 3)wolf2301084855 (1st)
Level 20. No idea what's going on with controls on 1st level. Seems only to happen of Wolf:-(
09 Apr 21 02:51TK2012driftoutctDrift Out (Europe, Cameltry conversion)wolf23018 (1st)
09 Apr 21 02:50TK2012smotorSuper Motor (prototype)wolf22817110 (1st)
08 Apr 21 21:41ScalNeCuSpang3-begPang! 3 (Euro 950601) [Beginner]wolf230719200 (1st)
08 Apr 21 16:38Alex Weirstunrun2S.T.U.N. Runner (rev 2)wolf230926210 (1st)
Level 18
08 Apr 21 03:41DumplebestbestBest Of Bestwolf2291018100 (2nd)
1cc with Alli - rolled the score!
07 Apr 21 15:29saulonpb@TeamBrazilredhawksRed Hawk (horizontal, Spain)wolf2292696400 (1st)
finished first try-- who is the angel of the game dont forget the game.
07 Apr 21 14:03ScalNeCuSpang3-nrmPang! 3 (Euro 950601) [Normal]wolf2303480700 (1st)
07 Apr 21 09:58BigBearmiexchngMoney Puzzle Exchanger / Money Idol Exchangerwolf22931 (22nd)
Beats the default at least!
07 Apr 21 04:11DumplealienchaAlien Challenge (World)mame229299700 (3rd)
1cc with werewolf
07 Apr 21 03:39DumpleastrassAstra SuperStars (J 980514 V1.002)wolf2296815500 (2nd)
1cc with Sakamoto
06 Apr 21 17:27saulonpb@TeamBrazilgigawingjdGiga Wing (Japan 990223 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)wolf1403542682953130 (2nd)
06 Apr 21 16:59saulonpb@TeamBrazilgigawingbGiga Wing (Brazil 990222)wolf1404629025744940 (2nd)
first try
06 Apr 21 05:12saulonpb@TeamBrazilolmandingcOlivmandingo (Spanish bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware, set 2)wolf22615770 (2nd)
06 Apr 21 01:56PG3 edited the description for kodj
05 Apr 21 19:43saulonpb@TeamBraziltmntuaTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version N)wolf2195706 (1st)
first try--donatelo--normal dificult
05 Apr 21 16:11jordani11lohtLegend of Hero Tonma (World)wolf227168600 (9th)
05 Apr 21 14:55DumpletkdenshoToukidenshou - Angel Eyes (VER. 960614)wolf229748300 (1st)
04 Apr 21 18:28ScalNeCuSpang3-nrmPang! 3 (Euro 950601) [Normal]wolf2303032100 (1st)
04 Apr 21 17:31DumplekchampvsKarate Champ (US VS version, set 1)wolf229208300 (8th)
04 Apr 21 06:35Alex WeirstunrunS.T.U.N. Runner (rev 6)wolf230941960 (1st)
Test run using GRS Flight Yoke. Messed up on Level 18 :-(
03 Apr 21 23:25TK2012 edited the description for ms5pcb
03 Apr 21 23:25TK2012multigmtMulti Game (Tung Sheng Electronics)wolf22691330 (1st)
03 Apr 21 23:24TK2012dotrimanDottori-Man Jr.wolf22811 (1st)
03 Apr 21 23:23TK2012toratoraTora Tora (prototype?)wolf22610980 (1st)
03 Apr 21 14:14DumplemetlsavrMetal Saverwolf2291573900 (2nd)
03 Apr 21 13:15ScalNeCuSpang3b3-nrmPang! 3 (bootleg, set 3) [Normal]wolf2302696100 (1st)
03 Apr 21 10:05BigBearpang3-panPang! 3 (Euro 950601) [Panic]wolf229384800 (6th)
03 Apr 21 09:29BigBearpang3-panPang! 3 (Euro 950601) [Panic]wolf229257300 (6th)
03 Apr 21 06:39BigBearhachamfbHacha Mecha Fighter (19th Sep. 1991, unprotected, bootleg Thunder Dragon conversion)wolf2292511520 (3rd)