(#8) The 9th MARP Tournament (#10)


The 9th MARP tournament runs for the 8 weeks from Tuesday April 6th 2005 00:00:01 GMT to Monday May 30th 2005 00:00:01 GMT.

For the 9th tournament, please use wolf94 or xwolf94 (available shortly) only.

The games for T9 are as follows (the games marked with a '*' use non-default settings):

  t9-acrobatm : Acrobat Mission
       Default settings

  t9-naname : Naname de Magic! (Japan) [Normal Game]
       Default settings - Normal Difficulty

  t9-punisher : Punisher, The (World 930422)
       Default settings

  t9-pzloop2j-sm : Puzz Loop 2 (Japan 010205) [Stage Mode]
       Default settings

  t9-ripoff : Rip Off*
       Lives/Pods = 16

  t9-roadf : Road Fighter (set 1)
       Default settings

  t9-wbml : Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Japan New Ver.)
       Default settings

  t9-xmcota : X-Men: Children of the Atom (Euro 950105)
       Default settings

These links will show the current state of the tournament:

These links will show you the scores for the various games:

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