(#9) The 10th MARP Tournament


The 10th MARP tournament runs for the 8 weeks from Friday December 8th 2006 00:00 GMT to Thursday February 1st 2007 23:59 GMT.

For the 10th tournament, please use any version of WolfMAME (0.71 to 0.110). AlphaMAME 0.62 is also acceptable, if absolutely necessary.

The games for T10 are as follows (the games marked with a '*' use non-default settings):

  t10-donpacjp : Donpachi (Japan)
       Default settings

  t10-dstlk : Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Euro 940705)*
       TG (difficulty = 8 HARDEST)

  t10-dungeonm : Dungeon Magic (Ver 2.1O 1994/02/18)
       Default settings

  t10-mario : Mario Bros. (US)*
       TG (medium difficulty)

  t10-popeyef : Popeye (revision F)*
       TG (extend at 50,000)

  t10-rompers : Rompers (Japan)
       Default settings

  t10-szaxxon : Super Zaxxon*
       TG (hard difficulty)

  t10-wacko : Wacko*
       TG (extends at 20,000 and every 60,000)

These links will show the current state of the tournament:

These links will show you the scores for the various games:

This document is updated occasionally.