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Dith sent me this screen shot of his records on Hyper Sports. If there's interest I'll make a page for the best record for each event, or something.

BeeJay sent me this screen shot of him part way through what seems to be a monster Bombjack recording (except that he wasn't recording the game at the time, since recording hadn't been invented back in them days):

Rodimus Prime sent me these two screen dumps from a 'crashed' Pac Man game. He wrote:

Here are a couple of screen shots I did while bored one day.

Don't take these as actual 'high scores'... Granted, I did get the scores, but
I didn't actually get up to the 256th key ... well, I did, but I put a heavy 
object on the F1 key after I got bored and let it skip levels until I saw the
split screen appear.  If you want to duplicate this feat, just drop
something heavy
on F1 for ~20 minutes.  :)

Stephane Edwardson emailed me this and told me:

Here's a little program to patch the Track & Field hi-scores in MAME
so the races times are reset to 99.99s without affecting other

although I've not run it myself, since my Track and Field records already seem to be just fine, thank you very much. Like any .exe you find on the net, run it at your own risk! :o)

I received these two screen shots of Major Havoc from QwiqShot. They don't qualify for the high score table, since there's no recording to go with them, but maybe there will be soon...

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