The MAME Action Replay Playback Help Page


To run these replay files, you'll need to unzip the file, remove the .hi and .cfg files for the appropriate MAME game and run:

mame gamename -playback filename

(without the .inp extension).

Note that it is important that you remove (or rename) the hi\game.hi and cfg\game.cfg files before recoring or playing back a game, since a lot of the games have random number generators which are affected by the contents of memory.

To make this process less painful, this script can be used. Download the script and put it in your MAME directory (the place where mame.exe and the 'hi' and 'cfg' directories are). Run the script from your MAME directory like this:

playback gamename filename

(without the .inp extension on filename) and it will do the following:

For help on how to record your own replay files, click here.

For a discussion of the randomness in the games, and why it need bother us not a jot, click here.

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