The 1st MAME Olympiad Rules

Applying for Game Coordinators - Now until October 7

1.  Anybody has the right to apply for game coordinatorship, which there could be an infinite number thereof.  To become a game coordinator, you must email the Olympiad Coordinator.  The email needs to consist of the following:

    a.  Your name

    b.  The games you would like to coordinate, in order of choice.

    c.  The maximum number of games you would like to coordinate.

2.  Example form:

    Name:  ExampleMan

    Games I would like to coordinate:

    1st Choice:  Pacman
    2nd Choice:  Ms. PacMan
    3rd Choice:  Jr. PacMan
    4th Choice:  Super PacMan

    Maximum number of games:  4

3.  If you submit a minimum number of games you would like to coordinate, that will be ignored.  The minimum number of games is zero for all applicants.  However, the best effort will be made to select the game you would like to coordinate.

4.  Deadline:  October 7, 2359 GMT

Game selection - October 7 - 13

1.  Before October 7, the Olympiad Coordinator will form a commitee of no less than three people who will assist him in selecting who will coordinate which games.  If there is any conflict, it will be determined by the following creteria:

    a.  The choices of the coordinators.

    b.  Who has more experience in the game in question.

    c.  Whoever has less maximum number of games.

    d.  First come, first served.

2.  All decisions will be final, and will be as neutral in nature as possible.  An alternate game coordinator may be chosen if the main game coordinator is unable to serve.  There will be one main game coordinator and one alternate game coordinator for each game.

3.  All selected main and alternate game coordinators will be notified by email of the position and the game that position is for.

Creating game parameters - October 14 - 27

1.  All selected game coordinators must submit settings to the Olympiad Coordinator as follows:

    a.  DIP Settings
        1.  All DIP Settings must be set, even if they may be irrelevant to the competition.  These can be anything the game coordinator chooses.
        2.  If a marathon game can be caused, the coordinator has the right to set an "x life rule", x being the number of lives the coordinator chooses.
        3.  The coordinator can also split the game into marathon and "x life rule" competitions as well by permission of the Olympiad Coordinator.
        4.  If the game selection committee asks to have a "x life rule" competition, the game coordinator still has the right to add a marathon competition as well.

    b.  Possible ways of playing the game may be used, for example, pang3's panic mode, or play all four courses consecutivly on Neo Turf Masters.

    c.  Possible scoring rules may need to be enforced.  If the game has a solid scoring system, you may not change the scoring rules except for bonuses of finishing the game with lives remaining (if none is given).  For example, the scoring rules of Neo Drift Out would most likely be used if that game was in the olympiad.

    d.  Version(s) of MAME allowed.  MAME 0.30 will not be allowed in this competition.  Any other version you select will be fine.  No unofficial versions will be allowed, and it MUST playback in MAME and MAME32, unless the version is 0.51 (m37b15) or higher - then it MUST playback in MAME only. (MAMEW)

    e.  Playback Judges - They must be Twin Galaxies officials and/or MARP confirmers, both subject to confirmation.  If they are neither, if two MARP editors approve of MARP confirmationship, then that person is permitted to be a playback judge.  A game coordinator may be a playback judge provided s/he follows the above rules.

    f.  The qualifying parameters:
        1.  Minimum number of players moving on to the joystick competition.  (Minimum:  3)
        2.  If a player eclipses a percent of the maximum score, then that player moves on to the final round as well.  (Maximum:  80 %)
        3.  If a player eclipses a set score, then that player moves on to the final round as well.  (optional)

2.  If you set "open play" parameters (mainly by setting b to 0 % or c to a score of 0), then that game will not have a qualifying round.

3.  If no parameters are submitted by October 27 at 2359 GMT, then the following will take place:

    - The game will have no qualifying round.
    - The alternate game coordinator will take over that game under open play format, choosing DIP settings and MAME versions.
    - The main game coordinator will be expelled from further game coordination in any future olympiad.

4.  If the alternate game coordinator does not submit parameters by November 13 at 2359 GMT, then the following will take place:

    - The game will be cancelled.
    - The alternate game coordinator will be suspended from further game coordination for the next olympiad.

Qualifying Round - November 1 - 13

1.  The qualifying round begins at 11/1/2001 at 0000 GMT and ends at 11/13/2001 at 2359 GMT.

2.  Any player may play ANY game at any time, provided he follows the general rules.  There is no minimum nor no maximum of games the player has to play.

3.  If less than three players qualify for a game, then the game turns into an "open play" format for the joystick competition.

The 1st MAME Olympiad (Joystick Competition) - November 15 - 30

1.  The Joystick Competition will begin at 11/15/2001 at 0000 GMT and end at 11/30/2001 at 2359 GMT.

2.  Any player who qualified for a particular game under their parameters in the qualifying round are allowed to participate in the joystick competition.

3.  Any player may participate in any game that is under an open play competition.


1.  Joysticks are awarded to a country, however, the individual gets credit for earning the joystick for his country.

2.  There will be a gold, silver, and bronze joystick for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectivly.  If there are ties for the top three positions, the order will be, for examples, 1st, 1st, 3rd or 1st, 2nd, 2nd, or 1st, 1st, 1st, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, or whatever.

3.  A country will be awarded graphics of joysticks - simply because it would be too expensive to make them - and it's a free site anyway. :)

General playing rules

1.  ALL recordings will be submitted on the MAME Action Replay Page website.  (

2.  ALL players must have a valid e-mail address registered in MARP (reachable by the "@" link on the score table). This way judges can directly reach the player to inform them of any bad inps.  Failure to have a valid e-mail address by the exparation of the game period in question will result in disqualification of the current Olympiad.  The reason of a harsh penalty is because you can easily get an email address, using Yahoo, or Hotmail, or something like that, and you've got one.

3.  ALL recordings must state in their descriptions what country they are playing for.  If you have dual citizenship, you may choose which country to play for.  If you are a citizen of one country, but live in another country, you must play for the country you are a citizen for.  All other cases will be dealt with in a case by case basis.

4.  Game coordinators and playback judges are allowed to participate.  They may not confirm their own recordings, however.

5a.  All players must run the game as close to 100 % as possible.  No autofire will be permitted.

5b.  Any player found to be using these or incorrect DIP settings (even harder in difficulty) will have that recording disqualified.  S/he must then submit a new recording which follows all of the general rules.

5c. All recordings made by a player must beat his/her personal high score for the Olympiad.  If you scored 50 points in one game, the next upload must be of a higher value.  It can't be 49 points, but it can be 51 points.

5d. There will be no excessive points leeching in any game.  It is to the Playback Judge's and Game Coordinator's discretion to determine wheater a recording consists of points leeching or not.

5e. Techniques that were banned in MARP or Twin Galaxies will not be allowed in the MAME Olympiad.

5f. The score you claim must be done on the FIRST CREDIT of your recording.  Failure to do so will result in your score being changed to what it was for the first credit.

5g. All recordings must be dated within the contest dates - so make sure your computer date is right. :)

5h. No recording can be uploaded 24 hours after you recorded it.  If these periods are violated, then that person's recording will be disqualified and that person will have to resubmit.

5i. There will be amnesty if there are server problems.  This will be determined by the olympiad coordinator.