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DoDonPachi (Japan, 1997 2/ 5 Master Ver.)
ProMeTheus11223 Nov 10
Type A-L, Max hit = 854 Recorded with MAME 0.99 *Lagless* version
[wolfmame not used, but if you plan to take 1st place you need to record with wolfmame : rule 3b -- PhL] Answer : I picked wolfmame in menu because it plays back fine in WolfMAMEplus 99, not mame99. I don't use WolfMAME to play anymore because it is not as performant as lagless MAME which has 1 less frame of input lag (1 frame instead of 2). That is too important for performance for me to go back. No one has released a lagless wolfmame yet, I'm waiting. I have a 505M wolfmame inp but I don't care about 1st place, this 547M is my best play, and that's the one people will enjoy most [ok, but I don't really see what is "mame99 lagless version" ? let's go for "other 99" for the moment, as you can't select wolf99 if it wasn't made with it -- PhL] Answer 2 : this is where you can find the lagless version http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?p=563842#p563842

there was 1 hit

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