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shot of cosmogng

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Cosmo Gang the Video (US)
Pengafin!22 Mar 13
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K10. Stupid gang 31 never ends! And stupid Don Cosmo that transformed himself! Damn damn damn! So close, so close. I knew that black cat who looked me in the eye yesterday meaned bad luck. Bad bad luck. Curse cats!
shot of ghostlop
46thGhostlop (prototype)
Pengafin!05 Apr 13
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K10. Man, puzzle games are so easy. This is the 2nd credit I make for this game and I'm allready in #9 or #10. Great skills are good to have. I'm not playing this again. It is enough to qualificate for next round of K10. Like some say: Don't stop kickin' til' the pin goes down! But I don't like that, so never play again this game. Penga penga pengafin! [claimed 96410, inp DQed, details there ]
shot of gng

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special rules
Ghosts'n Goblins (World? set 1)
Pengafin!26 Feb 13
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Drinked too much coffee tonight. Must play. I forgetted how to kill the big mamiocas in level 6 and I losed 2 lifes there. Damn Mamiocas! Now I must play again. I can do much better, much better, much better. My skill is better, the best I am. Penga Penga, Pengafin!
shot of hangon

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Hang-On (Rev A)
Pengafin!27 Mar 13
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K10. K10. The F710 screwed me in the 1st round. Now they tell me some joysticks shouldn't be used. Heck, why don't put that in the rules? Man... y' know what I think, they were super shealous that I was much close to beat that game. Yeah, that was it. Anyway, there's no shooting in Hang-On, so this time there isn't no chance I'm doing anything bad. And I did a decent score of 7th place, after a trillion plays in this frustranting game. So if I have luck with the next selection of game, I can yet qualificate for the next round. [there are no rules against using certain joysticks, but if your joystick has an option to use turbo/autofire, you have to turn it off. Autofire is not allowed in the tournament, or at MARP in general... and that's in the rules. - bbh]
shot of mole
1stMole Attack
Pengafin!03 Mar 13
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Man, this game is so easy. What's the point of killing pink potatos for a half hour? Got bored after like 100 rounds, the coffee is more efective with cinnamon anyway. I don't understand why companies make games like this. Anyone can play for hours with 50 cents. Anyway, this game is much more interesting than all the junk I submited before. Hey, Lagavulin, I want you to beat me now, if you can you know. Then I will play again and have a half hour of fun. I am the king of arctic pole, the great Pengafin! Watch and learn from great master Penga!
shot of tengai

 clone of 
Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II (Japan) / Tengai (World)
Pengafin!26 Feb 13
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Very close to terminate the game. Learn the final levels I must. Anyway, I got desconcentrated by the stupid girl. Her irritating voice drills my ears! Watch and learn from great master Penga!
shot of trojan

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Trojan (US set 1)
Pengafin!07 Mar 13
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When I first saw the weasel from Poland's score, I thought "for the beards of my grandfather!, this beast beats the game like 8 times!". But then I watch the recording and, ..., well... all he did was easy cheating on the stage 4. So here I am, doing the same coward thing but many mistakes in the way, 'cause this game is meant to be played commando, y'know what I mean. I was very close. Next time I'm gonna be #1. Eventually I'm gonna be #1 in all the games I like anyway. Soon, it's time to do the job, y' know, the polish job. Penga penga! Pengafin!
shot of truxton2
26thTruxton II / Tatsujin Oh
Pengafin!25 Feb 13
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Wow... this sets a new low standart for crap in videogames music... I couldn't even play the damm game, it can't be so stupid the theme, it hass nothin' to do with a ship you know? What was the compositor thinking? This is the stupidest airship game ever made. Period. I played like an expert in my first time with this game, but the dumb happy music disconcentrated me and lost all my lifes, I will not play this game again. Ever. I hate that song.

total score:42,104,250
average score:5,263,031

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