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shot of bigfight
1stBig Fight - Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean
Kintaro (@)21 Apr 08
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shot of kinst
1stKiller Instinct
Kintaro (@)20 Mar 07
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Finished with CINDER: 999999 + 999999 + 999999 + 999999 + 999999 + 999999 + 999999 + 999999 + 317500 + 331500 + 185250 = 8834242 (delete kinst.diff before playback) [Note: I can do better.]
Scores taken from the attract mode scoreboard are even higher!
shot of kinst2

 has 1 clone: 
Killer Instinct 2
Kintaro (@)25 Mar 07
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Finished with SPINAL. (delete kinst.diff before playback)
This game should be divided into 11 modes. For each character 1 mode. [sorry, no split based on characters, the spirit on Marp is to choose character who allows you to score the max you can do] Then the scoring could be: number of wins * 100 [bbh :-)]+ highest combo (hits) + highest damage combo (%). (Why the game would have this scoring system implemented?) [yes, new scoring to break ties seems necessary there, I will have a look ... as soon as I will get the chd :) -- PhL] [maybe 100*wins + max combo + max damage + 100-fastest time (all on attract mode scoreboard at the end.) -skito]
shot of p47

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P-47 - The Phantom Fighter (World)
Kintaro (@)25 Sep 02
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total score:10,235,103
average score:2,558,775

there were 4 hits

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