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shot of cham24-01
1stChameleon 24 [Star Soldier]
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)14 Feb 14
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MEMORIES! I was six years old when I first got this game, plus three others, in addition to an NES. Made it to Stage 13, where the homing bullets first appear. Satisfied with this run, even though I missed an 80k bonus on Stage 5 and couldn't get any of the eye bonuses (and I could never remember where all the bonuses were in the other areas). There are 16 stages in all and maybe I'll pull it off someday… [addendum: this game differs from the NES version in that you are powered up from the start, rather than requiring three capsules to do so.]
shot of cppicf

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Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory (DECO Cassette) (US) (set 1)
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)21 Jan 12
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Finally getting the hang of this one. Pattern 6. Frameskip 0.
shot of hotsmash

special rules
Vs. Hot Smash
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)08 Aug 10
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4-1, 4-3, 4-2, 4-3, 3-4 Let's settle for a tie. ^_~
shot of kaos
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)10 Jan 12
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Stage 14. Once you complete the eighth stage, it loops. Jeez, the moment you're about to swear off this dumb game you shatter a ten-year-plus record! Let's hope this recording, done with a different version, plays back.
shot of levers
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)18 Mar 12
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Here is a better .inp this time: 1,310,390/wave 59 using single extra life at 500k plus 2 left over. As mentioned before, infinite lives at 500k so score claimed as such.
shot of panicr

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Panic Road (Japan)
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)15 Feb 14
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My first true experience with this game is generally a good one. While there's something to be said about the physics and collisions, the cutesy atmosphere makes it stand out. Stage 12, but lingered for an awful long time in Stage 11. Also check out the glitchy death in Stage 8.
shot of pballoon

 clone of 
Pioneer Balloon (Rock-Ola license)
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)21 Apr 13
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Round 4. If I can find a way to better avoid the projectiles in the second scene, I can easily turn it into 300k or 400k. There's a great game here, but the capital-C cruddy collision detection kills it. I also prefer this clone over the main ROM, due to an odd glitch in the latter that randomly subtracts a life at the end of a stage.
shot of popper
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)19 Jun 11
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Stage 11. Improved immensely on my previous submission of 158,560, albeit with twice the stupid deaths. Highlights: the peculiar 9,999-point bonus at the end of the third bonus stage, and Stage 9, where I REALLY clean up with almost 40,000 points alone.
shot of wink

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Wink (set 1)
Joseph "Gatorman" Kristoff (@)20 Oct 21
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14th screen (3rd loop of 6–1). First death was stupid (as I was unmindful of the second paddle up top at 6–1) but I'm not spending another 45-minutes-plus on this right now.

total score:3,780,309
average score:420,034

there were 9 hits

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