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Ms. Pac-Man
David Race (@)20 Jul 15
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IGBY2 -CAGDC team/ Ms. Pac-Man board 83/ one death right before 400K due to I-tunes wanting to update. Piece of junk
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4thPac-Man Plus
David Race (@)08 Apr 15
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1 hour score of 772,000/ Score after 8th Pancake - 444,400/ Time to end of 8th Pancake -38min 28sec

total score:1,694,260
average score:847,130

there were 2 hits

there now follows a list of the recordings which beat David Race...

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Ms. Pac-Man
PacWhiz (@)21 Jun 08
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This game is from Jan 17th 2008. I don't play Ms. Pac-Man in WolfMame anymore, because of the "tunnel-anomaly" which does not emulate the arcade version very well.

Here is a board-by-board recap of the 929k

Edit: I'm happy to report that WolfMame 0.90 has no tunnel anomaly!
Thx Zhorik!

Update 17aug08: Tunnel anomaly fixed in v.126u3!!! :D
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1stPac-Man Plus
PacWhiz (@)11 Mar 09
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2ndPac-Man Plus
Don Hayes (@)11 Mar 09
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Deca 2009 submission
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3rdPac-Man Plus
gastrainga (@)25 Feb 09
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2009 Deca - 165,000 after 8th pancake!

the following stats are for all the scores, not just the ones which beat David Race:

total score:11,264,400
average score:1,877,400

there were 6 hits

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