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shot of qad
2ndQuiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game (Japan Resale Ver. 940921)
Chris Parsley (@)11 Jun 99
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619,900exp pts. Level 8 Damn switching off emenies when you almost finished one, level 4 in the game.
shot of qtono1
2ndQuiz Tonosama no Yabou (Japan)
Chris Parsley (@)07 Apr 00
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[can't get this to play back at all] {QCN}
shot of qtono2
2ndQuiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban (Japan 950123)
Chris Parsley (@)08 Jul 99
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I will break half a million, and then a million, I promise maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but before I die! (I hope!)
shot of quizhq
2ndQuiz H.Q. (Japan)
Chris Parsley (@)28 Aug 03
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My return strike on quiz games
shot of bodyslam

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Body Slam (8751 317-0015)
Chris Parsley (@)07 May 00
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Did you guys forget someone. I always remember who took my 1st place and get it back. Question though, when does the game end???
shot of relief

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special rules
Relief Pitcher (Rev D, 07 Jun 1992 / 28 May 1992) [Relief Pitcher]
Chris Parsley (@)11 Dec 03
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Corrected Version format [advertised 170500 and tgmame70, please don't erase the history of this issue, it's not resolved yet until two people can play this back with the changes you've provided i.e. use tgmame64 instead of tgmame70 if you can playback this recording please post here
shot of seganinj

 clone of 
Sega Ninja (not encrypted)
Chris Parsley (@)07 May 00
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[i get him as far as 56,100, no throttling, which is pretty good for an old Sega game. i doubt Chris checked this; we all know how reliable playing back old Sega games was. if someone can reach the same score as me, then i recommend changing score and confirming. if they can't, i'd recommend deleting.] {QCN}

total score:1,837,430
average score:262,490

there were 7 hits

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