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shot of aerofgt

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Aero Fighters (World / USA + Canada / Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan) (newer hardware)
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)22 Oct 03
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Reached Stage 2-2 (that's 2nd loop, Stage 2) using the F-15 Eagle (piloted by sexy megastar/kickass jet pilot Mao Mao :D). Man, I can't believe the granddaddy of all Psikyo shmups could be so damn difficult XD [potential playback problems here.]
shot of galpans2

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Gals Panic S2 (Japan)
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)21 Sep 04
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Vicious enemies, kickass gameplay, and hot hot girls. Best version of Qix ever :) (100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 97%, 99%, 88%, 100%, 97%, 100%, 100%, 26%)
shot of gunbird

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Gunbird (World)
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)16 Mar 04
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Reached Stage 2-1 using Ash. Pretty colorful shmup; can you believe that this is actually tougher than the sequel? XD
shot of gunbird2

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Gunbird 2 (set 1)
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)13 Mar 04
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Reached Stage 2-2 using Tavia. Pretty colorful shmup, and quite intense too; a most kickass sequel :)
shot of sonicwi2
5thAero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)18 Oct 03
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Reached Stage 12 (2-2) using my most fave jet (F-14 Tomcat) and my most fave pilots (Cindy & Ellen). Also faced the ghost instead of the usual eyeball as the final boss; most kickass! :)
shot of sonicwi3
5thAero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)15 Oct 03
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Reached Stage 12 (or 2-4, if you prefer) using my two most fave AF pilots, Cindy & Ellen (and their unfortunately very sucky Swordfish; I want my F-14 Tomcat ;_;).
shot of twinbee
2ndTwinBee (ROM version)
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)14 Dec 04
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Reached Stage 24 before getting horribly massacred. Silly yet awesome old-school shmup, and the bells rock hard :D
shot of twinspri-cm
5thTwinkle Star Sprites [Character Mode]
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)14 Oct 03
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Level 8 and a MaxHit of 55. Plenty of big chains throughout and got an End Rank of 1 at the end; and it was all done with Macky & Pentell, my two most favoritest TSS characters ^_^. Not exactly a perfect game, but still a great one nonetheless...
shot of twinspri
3rdTwinkle Star Sprites [Story Mode]
Baby Bonnie Hood (@)23 Jun 03
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Level 8 and a MaxHit of 58. A very awesome TSS session (my best one yet!) with lots of good combos throughout, an epic battle vs Mevious, and an extremely intense albeit short final battle vs Memory. I think that this is a damn fine example on how to play TSS :)

total score:14,024,320
average score:1,558,257

there were 9 hits

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