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The following files for download are just the executables for various versions of MAME. The ability to record play only appeared in version 0.30 in DOS, and 0.31 in Windows, so that's the earliest version that I've made available. I've also omitted everything but the mame.exe file (named mame30.exe, mame31.exe, etc, so you can extract the .zip file into your MAME directory without overwriting your current version of mame.exe) from the archive.

Official DOS Versions

MAME 0.30MSDOS Binary(549k)
MAME 0.31MSDOS Binary(699k)
MAME 0.33 beta 1MSDOS Binary(735k)
MAME 0.33 beta 2MSDOS Binary(724k)
MAME 0.33 beta 3MSDOS Binary(756k)
MAME 0.33 beta 4MSDOS Binary(812k)
MAME 0.33 beta 5MSDOS Binary(826k)
MAME 0.33 beta 6MSDOS Binary(852k)
MAME 0.33 beta 7MSDOS Binary(875k)
MAME 0.33 release candidate 1MSDOS Binary(877k)
MAME 0.33 final versionMSDOS Binary(876k)
MAME 0.34 beta 1MSDOS Binary(896k)
MAME 0.34 beta 2MSDOS Binary(942k)
MAME 0.34 beta 3MSDOS Binary(988k)
MAME 0.34 beta 4MSDOS Binary(977k)
MAME 0.34 beta 5MSDOS Binary(999k)
MAME 0.34 beta 6MSDOS Binary(1028k)
MAME 0.34 beta 7MSDOS Binary(1036k)
MAME 0.34 release candidate 1MSDOS Binary(1129k)
MAME 0.34 release candidate 2MSDOS Binary(1141k)
MAME 0.34 final versionMSDOS Binary(1141k)
MAME 0.35 beta 1MSDOS Binary(1159k)
MAME 0.35 beta 2MSDOS Binary(1213k)
MAME 0.35 beta 3MSDOS Binary(1246k)
MAME 0.35 beta 4MSDOS Binary(1449k)
MAME 0.35 beta 5MSDOS Binary(1305k)
MAME 0.35 beta 6MSDOS Binary(1326k)
MAME 0.35 beta 7MSDOS Binary(1339k)
MAME 0.35 beta 8MSDOS Binary(1300k)
MAME 0.35 beta 9MSDOS Binary(1286k)
MAME 0.35 beta 10MSDOS Binary(1286k)
MAME 0.35 beta 11MSDOS Binary(1277k)
MAME 0.35 beta 12MSDOS Binary(1283k)
MAME 0.35 beta 13MSDOS Binary(1390k)
MAME 0.35 beta release candidate 1MSDOS Binary(1402k)
MAME 0.35 beta release candidate 2MSDOS Binary(1409k)
MAME 0.35 first attempt at a final releaseMSDOS Binary(1423k)
MAME 0.35 final versionMSDOS Binary(1423k)
MAME 0.36 beta 1MSDOS Binary(1442k)
MAME 0.36 beta 2MSDOS Binary(1442k)
MAME 0.36 beta 3MSDOS Binary(1471k)
MAME 0.36 beta 4MSDOS Binary(1600k)
MAME 0.36 beta 5MSDOS Binary(1622k)
MAME 0.36 beta 6MSDOS Binary(1660k)
MAME 0.36 beta 7MSDOS Binary(1682k)
MAME 0.36 beta 8MSDOS Binary(1706k)
MAME 0.36 beta 9MSDOS Binary(1733k)
MAME 0.36 beta 10MSDOS Binary(1753k)
MAME 0.36 beta 11MSDOS Binary(1739k)
MAME 0.36 beta 12MSDOS Binary(1744k)
MAME 0.36 beta 13MSDOS Binary(1740k)
MAME 0.36 beta 14MSDOS Binary(1710k)
MAME 0.36 beta 15MSDOS Binary(1715k)
MAME 0.36 beta 16MSDOS Binary(1720k)
MAME 0.36 release candidate 1MSDOS Binary(1797k)
MAME 0.36 release candidate 2MSDOS Binary(1818k)
MAME 0.36 finalMSDOS Binary(1819k)
MAME 0.37 beta 1MSDOS Binary(1843k)
MAME 0.37 beta 2MSDOS Binary(1834k)
MAME 0.37 beta 3MSDOS Binary(1871k)
MAME 0.37 beta 4MSDOS Binary(1883k)
MAME 0.37 beta 5MSDOS Binary(1985k)
MAME 0.37 beta 6MSDOS Binary(2058k)
MAME 0.37 beta 7MSDOS Binary(2082k)
MAME 0.37 beta 8MSDOS Binary(2124k)

Official Windows Versions

People often ask for a file called 'audiow32.dll'. Well, here it is.
Also available are zlib.dll and zip32.dll which are needed by the old Win32 versions of MAME.

MAME32 0.31 finalWindows Binary(767k)
MAME32 0.33 finalWindows Binary(995k)
MAME32 0.34 beta 2Windows Binary(1077k)
MAME32 0.34 beta 3Windows Binary(1048k)
MAME32 0.34 beta 4Windows Binary(1045k)
MAME32 0.34 beta 6Windows Binary(1105k)
MAME32 0.34 beta 7Windows Binary(1124k)
MAME32 0.34 finalWindows Binary(1216k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 1Windows Binary(1246k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 2Windows Binary(1288k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 3Windows Binary(1324k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 5Windows Binary(1405k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 8Windows Binary(1454k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 9Windows Binary(1423k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 10Windows Binary(1429k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 11Windows Binary(1465k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 12Windows Binary(1472k)
MAME32 0.35 beta 13Windows Binary(1467k)
MAME32 0.35 rc 2Windows Binary(1485k)
MAME32 0.35 finalWindows Binary(1493k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 4Windows Binary(1686k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 5Windows Binary(1720k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 6Windows Binary(1764k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 7Windows Binary(1783k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 8Windows Binary(1794k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 10Windows Binary(1837k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 11Windows Binary(1860k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 15Windows Binary(1814k)
MAME32 0.36 beta 16Windows Binary(1782k)
MAME32 0.36 finalWindows Binary(1819k)
MAME32 0.37 beta 4Windows Binary(1866k)
MAME32 0.37 beta 5Windows Binary(1974k)
MAME32 0.37 beta 7Windows Binary(2067k)
MAME32 0.37 beta 8Windows Binary(2070k)

Other MARP Supported Versions

MAME 0.35 FINAL TG Version 3MSDOS Binary(1396k)
MAME32 0.35 FINAL TG Version 3Windows Binary(1491k)
MAME 0.37 beta 2(F3 to redo recording)MSDOS Binary(1811k)

Here's a nice little program for uncompressing recent mame.exe files. UPX v1.00.
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